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    A Childís Fundamental Rights

    A Document for Parents Living Apart

    I HAVE THE RIGHT  . . .

    *     to love both my parents with joy, and be proud that both love me.

    *     to joyfully love all the people who are important to me.

    *     to never face rejection by a parent.

    *     to be safe, to be respected, to be cared for in every way.

    *     to always have my developmental needs and challenges taken into account.

    *     to be protected from hearing unnecessary and hurtful details about an adult conflict.

    *     to have parents who are flexible about different rules, and respect all safe parenting styles.

    *     to have parents who check in with each other on these rules when consistency is crucial.

    *     to have my needs and interests come first when decisions about my schedule are made.

    *     to be disciplined wisely, calmly and compassionately.

    *     to be free from any blame for the break-up.

    *     to never be asked to take a side in an adult argument.

    *     to have parents who do what they can to stay emotionally healthy, and who will see to my emotional health.

    *     to talk about things openly without fear of punishment or guilt; to keep my feelings private if I choose to.

    *     to see my parents as good role models for how to be respectful of others, even when thereís a disagreement.

    *     to just be a child without being responsible for the well-being of an adult.

    *     to speak to adults privately, and not be required to discuss what is happening in one parentís life with the other parent.

    *     to be held accountable by both parents when I am intentionally encouraging conflict between them.

    *     to have parents who talk to one another without asking me to act as messenger.

    *     to have parents who will work at making the best of a very difficult situation.

Prepared by Child Find of America, Inc., Parent Help Program

Child Find of America Inc. is a national not-for-profit organization that provides professional services designed to prevent and resolve child abduction and the family conflicts that can lead to abduction and abuse

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